Monday, May 30, 2011

Have you climbed Mt Vesuvius with a bunch of students?

    Have you ever thought to climb Mt Vesuvius? Yes Mt. Vesuvius!!! The famous volcano which erupted in 79 AD destroying the well familiar cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. That looming presence is always there, reminding us and to all the people who live around there how dangerous it can be, nevertheless you can't imaging how many people live around there....

    The last eruption was in 1944!!!! and...for the moment the volcano is quite, keeping "his"eye over the Bay of Naples....

    Well I visited the volcano last April with a group of students who had just arrived from Australia and the experience was fun!!! They were surprised by the narrow winding streets around the mountain and the amount of constructions there, even so they carried on and walked until we reached the top...

    the experience was tiring but the students were really happy!!!

    John Bosco College
    The bus left us in the parking area and from there we had to walk to reach the top from where you have access to part of the crater. The walk can take up to 45 minutes, nevertheless the view from the top it is astonishing if you have a clear blue sky!!!

    We peered over the crater and we saw it's immense power ....

    ....but even the iconic ritual of a Madonna image to protect everyone!!!

    This was an amazing adventure!!! 


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Have you climbed Mt Vesuvius with a bunch of students?

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