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  • paskal
    08-26 01:49 PM
    thanks for reposting the link
    links copied from iv seem not to work!

    everyone should here this and read the report. it's important to understand what the problems are and how bad things are getting.

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  • anurag
    06-29 03:25 PM

    Sorry to hear that you are in this situation. It took about 8 weeks. Also one more thing, during this ordeal, I talked to an experienced lawyer who also said 8 weeks.


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  • santa123
    06-14 07:10 PM
    What is the typical time frame to receive the original labor / PERM certification after the approval (online)? Who receives the original typically?

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  • magazine
    09-28 04:56 PM
    We are a canadian family who moved to the US about 10 years ago. We are US permanent residents; all have green cards. My husband lost his job in the US last month and we are currently staying with family in Canada until my husband gets another job. But this other job may be in Canada or in the US again. Until he gets an answer and we relocate, we would like to put our children in school so they don't fall behind by the time we get to our next destination - which could be about another month or so. If we place our children in canadian schools until then, will this jeopordize our green card or status?


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  • centaur
    03-19 03:16 PM
    Whats CIRCUS bill?
    I called Kennedy's office regarding the CIRCUS bill getting introduced..and I got cut off..due to phone problems..could you guy try?..

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  • mpadapa
    04-03 12:17 PM
    If you get laid off, hopefully you have enough years on your initial 6 yr H1 to work with another employer an apply for a new labor and get back on track.

    Hi, I just joined the group. Is there anything scheduled so far?
    I also have an immigration question.
    My employer filed the PERM with EB-2 in September 2007. It was audited in November. Still waiting. I have the fear I could get laid off. If this will happen before the Labor Department approval, and before the 1-year renezaw of my H1-B (exp. Sept.08), what will happen? Do I loose everything?
    Thanks for your support.


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  • vin13
    07-19 10:59 AM
    LOL..its good to have a sense of humor.

    I wish there was a way to know if a case is pre-adjudicated.

    This would help us to not file for H1 extensions, EAD, and AP. Which inturn would free up time for the officers to work on improving processing dates.

    Offcourse, i am still happy about the date movement.

    It just makes you wonder , if they USCIS was deligent in not wasting visas in previous years, even EB-3 would have had a reasonable date.

    priority date:March 05
    July 07 filer

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  • msp1976
    02-09 01:30 PM
    This is from

    In previous years, INS made a distinction between H-1B1 (Specialty Occupation) and H-1B2 (Fashion Model). These days they've dropped the distinction-- specialty occupation workers and fashion models get identical approval notices, indicating simply "H-1B." The H-1B1/H-1B2 distinction is gone, for all intents and purposes.

    H-1B visa status allows "dual intent," i.e. the intent to work temporarily in the U.S. and return home at the end of the H-1B period, plus the intent to apply for a green card (and not return home), should the opportunity become available. In other words, H-1B visa holders can pursue a green card with no adverse effects. Many of the other visa categories (e.g. F-1 student, B-1/B-2 visitor, and even E-2 treaty investor) allow only "non-immigrant intent." Having applied for a green card or abandoned one's residence abroad can be grounds for denial of one of these visas.

    So you can calm down ...have some lunch...

    Please donate to IV ..That is in your self-interest...


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    07-21 01:14 PM
    Just fill out the new I9 Form with your EAD details. You should be fine.

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  • nsb
    08-07 02:02 PM
    If you are going to Nogales after 7th year extension, even if you get 3 years of h1, Nogales consulate gives visa for 1 year.

    I have talked to Visa Officer he refused to give me for 3 years and he told me that it is the policy of Nogales consulate.

    best of luck.


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  • royus77
    06-22 03:44 PM
    I'm in same boat, upgraded to PP on June 1. your new status of I140 will be "We received request for PP".

    For H1's Ext its the same receipt number . I think for 140 it will be the same .I subscribed to the notification of case status and i received an update oon the case saying the Premium processing requested for the petition

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  • Scythe
    10-18 02:18 PM
    Excellent work. Looks like that chicken spent a little too much time in the egg :grin:


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  • pa_arora
    08-07 07:11 PM
    500 dollar question.
    LUD: Last Updated Date.
    RD: Received Date
    AD: Approval Date

    Just being proactive here and telling u all the dates so that u done open a new thread for the other ones tomorrow. ;-)

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    08-03 08:18 AM
    You can have multiple H1's at any point of time.


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  • redddiv
    07-11 10:23 AM
    Mention the source... No need for more rumours..

    Some news are saying the Senator and the House are about to introduce seperate immigration bills. Do we still have any chances this year? Should it be easier to pass a seperate bill that may be more or less favorable to our legal immigrants?

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  • Robert Kumar
    12-04 10:30 AM

    1.Did anybody have recently got H1B stamping done in Hyderabad consultate.
    2. Any issues with getting appointment dates.
    3. I have all the documentation in place including pay stubs in the last 8 years.
    4. Is it preferable to get stamping done in Canada than in Hyderabad,
    5. How many days does it take to get the passport back.

    Please share me your experiences,

    Thank you,


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  • saileshdude
    09-03 10:29 AM

    I am thinking of initiating a congressman/senator inquiry for my I-485 since my PD is current. I was wondering if anyone communicated with MA senators and/or congressman for this purpose and what their experience was. Also if anyone can share the format for the letter that you write to the senator.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • ngeorgia1977
    04-03 08:46 PM
    My wife did her MBA and used her OPT before marriage. After a gap of OPT period she again went to school and got a MS degree. During her OPT, she did not work at all. Now she is unable to get second OPT for her recent MS degree.
    Is there a way out to get second OPT? Can this new law (29 months OPT) if passed, be used to apply for second OPT.
    What should be best approach? Please advice.

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  • rajnag21
    07-05 05:12 PM
    Hi Almond and dilbert_Cal,
    I am in my seventh year of h1. I applied for one year extension.Not granted yet.
    So do I have to wait to get the extension approved ? Can I get my 140 approval and re-appy for 3 year extension and then make the move ?

    I am really grateful for that bit of info previously.

    04-09 04:48 PM

    i got my i140 approved ,i-485 applied >180 days with my old employer.i have my h1b till 2010.Now i got an offer from a new company who is willing to do my h1b transfer and they said no need for doing labour,i140 again.
    i am confused. is that safe if i do h1b transfer and keeping old employer's i140.(they won't revoke).Are its better to use ead to avoid confusion in GC process.pls show me the light.

    10-02 02:26 AM
    Why do you tease us so much edwin:evil:

    That is some excellent work though. Very well done:) (as is everything you do)

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