Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • avamiser
    Apr 24, 08:52 AM
    Is there a way to have contents (home folder, applications, settings, preferences etc) of my Macs (one in the office and one at home) have any exact content.

    So I can leave my MacBookPro at work but at home pick up on where I left off on my MacBook? - have access to all the same apps and settings.

    My only guess is to SuperDuper the drive once I have the final HD and keep adding on both as I add apps/content along to both.


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  • Geckotek
    Apr 13, 12:00 PM
    But most have nothing set up. I'm not exactly sure what that does, I think adds an extra step in querying the ISP. That always slows me down.

    And, of course, the other half can be an issue, too. People never talk about that except when they want to download a brand new firmware or something. I see "waiting for" plenty.

    If you have nothing setup it will use DHCP to get your DNS from whatever device is providing you your IP address. For most people this would be a DSL or cable modem which is passing the DNS servers from their ISP.

    So not setting it up is not an issue, unless your ISPs DNS servers suck.

    But how do you know if it sucks? How do you know if Google's DNS servers are actually an improvment for you? You can't know until you test. There are several DNS test utilities you can download that will measure this for you and tell you. I highly suggest people not assume that using Google's DNS servers is always best. For some people it will actually perform worse. Test to know for sure.

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  • orangecrushv
    Mar 26, 09:21 AM
    I plan on returning a 32 GB Black WiFi to West Plano Super Target later today unless someone wants it...

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  • mpw
    Sep 13, 07:27 AM
    ...I've only had one bad experience w/ general anesthesia, but it was an unusual situation so I don't give it much weight...
    Same here, the only time I had a problem was when they had to keep me under longer than expected because the idiot stand-in denist took the wrong two teeth out realised and went back for the right two!


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  • displaced
    Sep 25, 10:18 AM
    The magnifying glass indicates Farbwerte

    Woohoo! Finally, Aperture's magnifying glass includes added go-faster Farbwerte! I hope that's 64-bit Farbwerte, because this cat don't dig no other Farbwerte!

    Farbwerte Farbwerte Farbwerte!

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  • Blakjack
    Mar 28, 09:04 AM


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  • tlove
    Apr 4, 08:13 PM
    There is already a movie about this, iRobot. Apples new division will be called Ai.

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  • iNeko
    Mar 25, 05:59 AM
    Waiting excitedly for mine to arrive :)

    Curse the parcel deliveries to come later than the regular post!


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  • asxtb
    Nov 13, 03:58 AM
    ????????????- Nice to meet you, I'm a Mac.

    ?????????? - Hi, I'm a PC.

    ???iPod????????- Oh, an iPod, what are you listening to?

    Eurobeat. - Eurobeat.

    Eurobeat? - Eurobeat?

    ??????iPod. iTunes????????Podcast????????- iPods are great. iTunes is easy to use, and I can look forward to my Podcasts.

    ??????iPod?????????????????????iLife????????- You know, for a mac, we enjoy things with pictures and movies just as easily as using an iPod. I come with iLife.

    ??iLife?????????????????????- Oh, iLife? I also come with all kinds of cool software.

    ????????- Oh, for example?

    ????????- Calculator.

    ????????- What else?

    ??? - Clock.
    Nice translations Gammamonk and thanks. But just to nitpick a little...:D
    I believe "っオ、iPod、何聞いてる" should be "っオ、iPod、何聴いてる"
    You had "What are you hearing?" rather than "What are you listening to?"

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  • marksman
    Mar 23, 02:15 PM
    Sounds a bit redundent given my Samsung TV, Sony Bluray, Humax PVR, XBox 360, Windows PC and my macs (with Twonky installed) already all play nicely together without needing a new standard.

    This trend on these forums of people making posts without apparently reading the original post or any other posts in the thread before making a post is getting a little annoying.

    Which of those things allows you to stream video and audio from an IOS device?

    Which of those things are the least bit portable? It really seems like you spent no time trying to understand what this is and how it works before just trying to be cool-man dismissive.

    It would be like someone saying "Well this new car will get 100 miles per gallon" and you saying, "Well we already got cars with four wheels, so I don't really think we need that."


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  • Popeye206
    Mar 25, 08:44 AM
    Before all you Apple fannies disagree with this; just remember Apple is trying to sue everyone else too.

    It's all ridiculous.

    Disagree. It's not ridiculous. Valid patent protection is great. That's the whole point of a patent to protect your invention. Any company with a valid invention and patent should pursue any and all infringements.

    However, there are many high-tech patents that are BS or weak. Plus, I think patent holders should have to make claims of infringement in a reasonable amount of time after a potential infringement. Sitting back and waiting for products to be wildly successful before pursuing a case is nothing but settlement bloat. Finally, there is patent trolling which should be illegal as it's just lawyers looking to cash in on settlements and costs consumers. Patent trolling is like ambulance chasers. Lowest form of greed.

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  • XnavxeMiyyep
    Jul 6, 10:30 AM
    KentuckyApple -
    Unfortunately, her PC only has a CD drive, so I cannot do that. I will look into getting Dave. I'm buying extra Ethernet cables anyway, to network all the computers and the DSL modem.

    Voicegy -
    If an Apple store would do it, then I'll buy from them.

    Pianojoe -
    If I had a firewire hard drive, that would be my first choice. Unfortunately, I don't, and I don't have enough other uses for it to justify buying one.

    Everyone -
    Thanks for all the help.


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  • Willis
    Mar 26, 04:04 PM
    I really don't think it's an iPad. Given how it appears to be a bright and sunny day and how much light can be seen reflecting off of most other surfaces, the "iPad's" surface seems too matte.

    iPad case?

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  • jvmxtra
    Apr 24, 03:25 PM



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  • MacRumors
    Apr 5, 08:54 AM (

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  • jake4ever
    Apr 6, 01:38 AM
    I first assumed the burning of luxury items was being loyal to family and tradition because the items were wicked and not traditional. I guess not.

    Same here...


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  • ciaran00
    Jun 10, 04:43 PM
    If T-mobile gets the iPhone maybe they will have better data plans than AT&T
    They already do. I've been on Tmo with my iPhone for 3 years now.

    Just unlock and go over. Or sit on your hands and wait for official.

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  • leekohler
    Mar 11, 05:41 PM
    Neither of those are assembled in the US. They are both the product of The Peoples' Democratic Revolutionary Socialist Province of Ontario.

    Hmm...well, I have to say I'm OK with that. I like Kommunist Kanada. :)

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  • Drpepper99uk
    Mar 24, 04:20 AM
    Interesting news, One day we might even see the iTank :D


    Oct 16, 04:30 PM
    At this point, I will believe it when I see it. I think that the only thing all these Darn rumors say is how much everyone in general would love an apple phone. Done right, an iphone could easily replace most peoples phones and ipods. Add into that the possibility of home on ipod and WiFi, and I see a winner. But this is all speculation... ill belive it when i see it
    My personal dream phone would be simple yet packed:
    sleek flip phone, simple design, WiFi and Video chat capable
    I think this would really push forward communication, and make video chat a real thing. imagine if people were also using their phones at home with iChat for windows. apple sells ichat forthe PC as well, and everyone intercommunicates flawlessly where ever they are. Kind of like waht the ipod did for music the iphone could do for communication

    Jul 12, 01:02 PM
    Hey everyone,

    I have a need for short term DVD burning capabilities and don't have the luxury of waiting until my G5 ships in August or September.

    A certain distributor is selling internal Pioneer Superdrives (05) for $179, but that's BARE, meaning no software/instructions. It fits the budget perfectly in terms of a short term DVD burning solution, but my question is how difficult will it be to install this thing and get my mac to recognize it? (Software isn't as much of an issue -- I'll have DVDSP) I'm no stranger to opening up my tower (to install memory, HD's), but I'm no expert either.

    My computer this drive would be going into is a G4 450 (AGP). Both bays are full, one with a DVDROM and the other with a zip (I assume I'd be removing the DVDROM).

    Any help/tips/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


    Mar 28, 09:02 AM
    Hmm. If this does in fact mean a fall iPhone 5 release instead of a June release, then I would think that has to put LTE back in play for the iPhone 5.

    One would have to assume that this means Apple plans to lead off its fall iPod event with the iPhone starting this year.

    Nov 9, 06:47 AM
    RFID is insecure. The british RFID passports have been cracked within less than 48 hours, the German test ones in less than a day. I wouldn't trust RFID for any important and sensible information like payment services. It's fine for stuff like tracking packages or my skiing card - but that's it.

    Apr 9, 06:32 PM
    guys, if you really want to make some SERIOUS word-processing, i suggest you to try the LaTeX system :)
    LyX is what i miss most since i switch from linux to mac.

    I agree, I just made the switch. Once you're familiar with LaTeX, which will take some time, you will think anything else (including Word) is crap. I use TeXShop (, which I think is good, but I haven't tried any others.

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