Saturday, June 4, 2011

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  • bobber205
    May 3, 01:14 AM
    Canadian politics hehe.

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  • plinden
    Nov 2, 12:02 PM
    If Apple really wants to gain significant market share, it's going to have to advertise to people other than yuppies. I AM a yuppie and Apple's advertising and general attitude are a huge turn off for me.

    Working class America is intimidated by snobbery and will always feel more comfortable with down-to-earth, Wal-Marty companies. If Apple wants to gain users, it needs to find an innovative way to advertise to both it's existing yuppie constituency and common consumers. Otherwise they can forget about rising higher than a low double digit percentage.
    People who are happy with Wal-Marty companies are going to buy the cheapest thing they can find, so they will go for the $500 laptops and $350 desktops.

    Apple is not in the business of massive marketshare, it is in the business of making money. It is doing quite well with its current offerings AND current marketing, so it is unlikely to go downmarket. Consider, 58% of its income and most likely a similar percentage of profits come from Macs, so that's 546x.58 = $317 million. Compare this to Gateway - similar number of PCs sold, but it made a loss of $7 million last quarter.

    Increased profits come with increased market, but only up to a point.

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  • Fraaaa
    Apr 21, 03:08 PM
    1. Apple is an American company. Their products get released in the US first. The US market is and should remain their primary concern. If the US is going to LTE, that's where Apple needs to go.

    2. Apple innovates. It's what they do. Innovate a way to offer LTE with acceptable battery life.

    3. Processor speed for phones is overrated, especially when apps are written to account for legacy hardware in the wild. No one is going to write an A-5 only App as long as the iPad 1, iPhone 4 & 3GS level tech remains so widely held.

    1. I believe Apple wants the best for their US and Non-US customers, you guys should stop differentiate yourselves from the rest of the world, you are not any special than us. No offence.

    2. From the last financial report Q&A:

    Q: How do you think of the maturity of LTE? And Apple's sense of urgency to get products out?
    A: I was asked this question when we launched the iPhone with Verizon. The first generation of LTE chipsets forced a lot of design compromises. Some of those we are just not willing to make. We are extremely happy with the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS. And hitting 18.6 million units was something much larger than we thought we could do this quarter. And to 3 more large carriers.

    Innovating worth nothing if done wrong. I didn't say Apple will never adopt it. I said it might not be the best time at the moment. This statement from Apple seems in line with what I said.

    3. This is the exact same thing that I said earlier:
    when people will realize that computer usability lies in the software and not the hardware?
    You say processor speed is overrated, that the actual iPhone are good enough, yet you disagree on LTE/4G to not be implemented this year? Isn't 3G good enough?
    You say in two years time bla bla I'd wish I had 4G on my current iPhone, and why wouldn't I wish for a better processor? Make up your mind.

    LTE coverage is already decent in the US thanks to verizon's aggressive rollout. They already cover 110 million Americans (over a third). They'll be in 145 markets by year's end, covering well over half of the US. Full coverage by 2013.

    Immaterial. Package size is not directly proportional to die size as any sort of general rule. You also presume the iPhone 4's PCB is so dense it couldn't handle a larger package (if needed). All speculation on your part.

    The battery is the same rating (25 whr) and the device gets the same (if not better in some tests) battery life than the iPad 1. Debunked.

    Unsubstantiated claims followed by baseless speculation.

    Of course mine are speculation, I brought the argument up because I'd like to hear someone else's opinion.
    Rumors are saying the next iPhone iteration could be having the same package of the current iPhone. I'm bringing two facts up, the A5 die is bigger then the A4 as both are 45nm. And at the iPad2 keynote they said how could they manage to get the same hours of battery life with a much powerful processor, the answer was that their engineer had a workaround - later to be found an additional pack of battery.

    Considered this I think that Apple will redesign the internals of the new iteration if they are going to use the same package.

    About the network, this: Full coverage by 2013.
    Second of all: Verizon. What about AT&T?
    Third and I repeat this, you guys should not be considered special compared to the rest of the world.
    The fact that Apple used GSM technology for the first iPhone was infact that they could rollout their product to other countries as CDMA is not adopted as much as GSM worldwide. The same applies to LTE/4G. There is no reason of adding hardware that can be adopted by a quarter of the customers if not less that that. It's a waste of money in design and implementation, let alone that even Apple is not willing to make the leap with compromise that are not willing to make by adopting this fairly new technology.

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  • Eastend
    Nov 12, 07:59 PM
    Oh, I know it's sort of off-topic, but check this out:

    How to Fold a Shirt (

    And for those among us here who speak Japanese, what is the woman saying exactly?

    If they told you what she was saying, then you still could not understand it.


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  • kdarling
    Dec 28, 03:00 PM
    Seriously, who really cares about this?


    CNN putting a news link on their home page must mean nobody is interested.


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  • coolbreeze
    Apr 1, 09:52 AM
    Back to torrents.

    Ho well, twas fun while it lasted. Edited out commercials on every program, automagically.

    I win.


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  • katie ta achoo
    Sep 13, 10:32 AM
    I know -- just a few minutes with them and they'll have you in stitches.

    :) :)
    I'm so glad everyone is being so cheery, to lighten the mood of general anaesthesia anxiousness. (wow! I spelled it right, without opening!)

    I had a bad experience with it though. My Anesthesiologist was a WACKO. He pushed in the needle too quickly, and injected it wayyyy too quickly. My arm was frozen, yet on fire at the same time. It didn't help that HE WAS LEANING ON IT! So, my arm was frozen/burning, and then when he got off my arm, I immediately got a really bad headache, and started to have palpitations. (I think being on my arm unintentional, his belly just kind of landed there. I couldn't get it off because both of my arms were tied down. That didn't stop it from being annoying, though!)

    ....but I'm 100% certain he's been fired now (you DON'T freak me out that bad and get away with it. Even though I was 13 when I had my surgery, I still knew who to complain to.. MUAHAHAHA)
    SO, You'll have a pretty good time with it.

    the 2nd time I went down, the doctor was AWESOME. (I guess that's the diff. between the urology dept. and the cardiology dept. at Texas Children's) She didn't lean on my arm, and injected it slowly, so I went to sleep gradually, not IMMEDIATELY with a headache.
    ...I did wake up 10 minutes before it was done, though. I could see, but I couldn't say anything. I'm glad that it was just tubes, and no scalpels!

    Good luck iGary! Just remember to email everyone a memo, a'la Steve.
    PS: I'm sending this from my hospital bed using my 17-inch PowerBook and an Airport Express. (

    I hope you get well soon!!

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  • Chupa Chupa
    Feb 23, 07:48 PM
    This is appalling. I cannot believe this government intrusion is even legal.

    So...where does parenting come into the picture here?! That is the problem with this and many, many other problems in society.

    Edit: Posted my response without even reading other comments. Glad to see I'm not alone on this one.

    Wait. You live in The People's Republic of Massachusetts and you are astounded by this level of government nanny-ism?


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  • rjlawrencejr
    Mar 24, 06:58 PM
    Funny thing, my wife and I were discussing first gen iPad earlier this morning. I told her how Apple had the 16gb refurbished for $349 but that they were sold out. Fast forward four hours or so and I see this story on MacRumors. We both agreed we should jump on this deal. I immediately began calling a few stores in the LA area. Lucky for me, the rep says he has a couple 16gb models remaining. I tell the rep I'll be there within the hour and I hop in the car and drive the 20 miles to the store. Imagine how I felt when he tells me they're all out and that they put 32gb models where 16gb should be. I was livid, but I held my composure and called another store about 10 miles away. I told them my story and insisted they hold it with my name.

    When the rep at the second store came out with the box, the first thing he tells me is, "You want a 64gb, right?" I could feel my pulse rising. And then he said, "Just kidding." All I could do was smile, because he got me good and because I just saved 40% off an iPad and didn't even have to use GEICO.

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  • Laird Knox
    May 2, 02:57 PM
    It's clearly a QA issue Apple is having with the phones...which I think is sad given the time it took for them to release. :(

    That's some serious QC issues.

    Probably just terrible manufacturing, different moulds, etc.

    Seriously? 1/128" is a serious QA/manufacturing issue?


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  • krista allen wallpaper. الين krista allen صور كريستا; الين krista allen صور كريستا. obeygiant. Mar 17, 01:03 PM. Obeygiant, you have a way of distilling

  • bug67
    Nov 17, 04:42 PM
    Pretty cool that some kid can take initiative and do what Apple apparently cannot.

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  • trekkie604
    Mar 16, 10:31 PM
    129.4/L Regular

    489.83/US Gal...


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  • Lex Yu
    Apr 30, 07:39 PM
    Too early to quit dvd altogether:confused:

    If its up to me to should throw that medium into the wastebin asap.

    I don't see why it's too early to ditch DVD-Rom for OS installing, since every single mac has USB ports.

    Plus a DVD.

    Why plus a DVD? Every mac which has a DVD drive also has several USB ports.

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  • hapishyguy
    Dec 3, 10:13 AM
    What the Shite was I doing when I was 17 ...

    Great going for this kid!

    because you are not chinense :D


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  • darthraige
    May 2, 02:59 PM
    Who cares? It's an iPhone. The white one is still better than any other knock off out there.

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  • ddtlm
    Sep 19, 06:03 PM
    Ummmm, do you people ever check your sources? Other than the fact that this website said something nice about G4's, why do you choose to believe them?


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  • bradl
    Apr 23, 12:55 AM
    Then how do you feel about our current president?

    Our current POTUS was given a bad hand from our previous POTUS, who pretty much trashed the place on his way out. the previous POTUS enacted TARP to bail out the banks with no oversight on the funding, left us with unpaid wars, a horrid economy, and a disaster of a budget for the 2009-2010 fiscal year. And people blame our current POTUS for that, when the bulk of that wasn't his doing. And when he tries to step out and do something better, you hear "No", "where's your birth certificate", "you're a Muslim", and catches more flak when those that do this complaining ask him where all of his promises are, and call for his impeachment.

    Our current POTUS needs to grow a pair and do a LOT more, no doubt; but he's done well so far, given the circumstances and obstacles dealt him.


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  • Sylo
    Mar 28, 09:47 AM

    iPhone 5: For sale in US 2 weekes after and 4 week after in 24 other countries

    Not going to happen, apple have more than one revenue stream and it isn't just the US.

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  • redeye be
    Jun 25, 03:08 PM
    I think it should also include a folding accelerator
    From version 0.2b on, i have included my own distributed computing app. All of you that are running the widget are secretly donating some CPU time to calculating my WUs. Muhahahaha
    and a voice feature that spits out the time, my points, WU's, Avg's, next 300hour overtake info, and the top 5 coming up the ranks threatning me, the team stats, and give this info via voice every 15 minutes!
    Version 2.5 of the widget i have running here, i think i'll send it out in about two and a half year, does just that. It only 'speaks' every three hours though, when the stats are updated.


    Feb 28, 08:24 PM
    more server app screenshots

    Mar 25, 11:41 AM
    Not only that - but the fact that there is no film in a digital camera - Kodak is a "film emulsion" company. Professionals never bought Kodak cameras or lenses. There is no "film" in a digital camera. The most natural progression would have been for Kodak to make memory cards.

    Most of the R&D (and they did some great R&D in chemistry, materials and human image perception) were fundementally irrelevant to digital.

    The changes that Kodak would have needed to be relevant were so huge (fire 90% of staff, change the entire core business) that I don't think there was any way they could have been succesful.

    The successful camera companies today fall into one of two camps: 1. well established camera companies. 2. Consumer electronics companies.

    Afga (a film emulsion company): effectively dead.

    Fuji: very limited success (though they almost had their head above water for a while).

    Fuji is a very good tasting Apple. Hope they don't taste this good because they have emulsion in it:-)

    Didn't they join with tsu? and now make Fuji tsu scanners etc.

    Mar 30, 08:45 PM
    ^^^^ Yes, I just tried the one at Target, and the lighting and not to mention the fact I have to bend way over to play the unit (at kids' level) makes it hard on the eyes...

    I basically stuck a card on the counter and the game made some boxes appear on my counter. It then started doing things like making the counter look like it was warping and then made a dragon pop out which I was supposed to kill. I was surprised how well the gyroscope works - much better than the iPhone's. I also thought Face Raiders would be dumb and it was but it was also kinda fun, watching my kitchen wall explode into fragments.

    Are you sure it was the 3DS? ;)


    Nov 11, 07:40 AM
    I hunger for a way to download these.

    I have studied japanese for a good while...and i want these ads forever. any suggestions?

    Feb 23, 01:05 PM
    So wait I will need to be burdened with a lower time out period because some soccer mom refuses to discipline junior while she sips on a venti iced latte from starbucks in her 2010 QX45 Urban assault vehicle??


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