Monday, June 27, 2011

[POP Kissology] TOP kisses Lee Hyori

    [POP Kissology] TOP kisses Lee Hyori

    It was already foretold that Big Bang and Lee Hyori would do a collaboration together at the MKMF awards that aired on November 15, 2008, BUT, what fans didn’t know was that TOP would have to kiss the pop princess as the intro into their 2007 hit “Lies” and their 2008 hit “Haru Haru”.
    The performance was generally well choreographed but during the performance of “Haru Haru”, an incessant high voice seemed to be included into the song.
    But props must be given to Seungri of Big Bang. His rendition of Hyori’s 2008 hit “U-Go-Girl” was pretty smooth. Ironically, the youngest member and the thirty-something year old pop princess seemed to have some chemistry going on during their performance.
    To finish off this collaboration, Big Bang’s G-Dragon helped remix Hyori’s “10 minutes”.
    Top kisses Lee Hyori

    Check out the clip Lies and Haru Haru performance here.
    Check out the U-Go-Girl clip here.
    Check out the final performance of “10 minutes”.
    Watch out for more MKMF coverage… here on POPSEOUL!!!

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[POP Kissology] TOP kisses Lee Hyori

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