Monday, June 6, 2011

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  • Jesus
    Oct 20, 10:12 AM
    I will most definitely be there, most likely at around 5 ish, hopefully in time to be in the first 500...

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  • toddybody
    Apr 5, 09:09 AM
    Well, this is confusing.

    Last year Macrumors posters told me in no uncertain terms that CR is always wrong.

    So how am I supposed to take this news?

    Same thought. Why cant people just (I know this sounds crazy) listen to CR when they make factually based reviews (i.e., iPhone 4 antenna design CAN lead to dropped calls). I hate this blind bias some folks have on here.

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  • bryan85
    Jul 7, 12:03 AM
    And this is just the front�

    Yikes! Talk about a data security nightmare! :eek:

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  • naco
    Jan 7, 02:20 AM
    So far mine has been working perfectly fine. The only thing more I'd ask from it is for it to have an option to turn on and off a vibrate when your phone is set to silent. Sometime at night, I'm not looking at my phone's general direction with the sound off. If I get a txt or Email push or w/e, I can hear it vibrate. Just needs that for me and then I'd never need another update from them.


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  • mrwheet
    Nov 18, 10:21 AM
    That $130k will all go to the lawyers, even if he is able to establish that he has a legal "right" to sell those parts, and I think that'll be a challenge.

    Yeah, that's the sad part; lawyers will walk away with all the profit. How absurd is that?

    I suppose if these casings were literally thrown away by Apple, and he's able to prove it, then it wouldn't be any different than those people who go through the bins and pawn off the treasures they find... Mind you, I don't know whether that's legal either.

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  • viperguy
    Mar 26, 03:54 PM
    Steve Jobs - never changing his clothes. :p
    I can imagine what his wardrobe looks like lol



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  • jefhatfield
    Sep 13, 06:34 PM
    truth is pentium 1 is a 5th generation processor
    pentium pro thru pentium III is 6th generation
    athlon from amd is 7th generation...the first 7th generation chip

    and pentium 5 would be considered at least 7th generation and perhaps 8th generation pc processor

    but no way can any G4 beat a pentium 5 at over 3 ghz...but then again, but 2nd quarter we may hve the G5 which can beat pentium 4 but maybe not pentium 5, but that is all speculation into the future

    who really cares, after 3 ghz, if pc is faster or macs are faster...point is, both will be fast enough for vast majority of users

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  • ghostface147
    Apr 12, 01:42 PM
    Ugh, outlook syncing to Exchange 2010 is still slow. Emails hit my iPhone instantly, as well as Outlook 2010. As for the Outlook it takes up to 30 seconds. Maybe they need to improve EWS???


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  • NinjaHERO
    May 2, 01:14 PM
    It's just that black is slimming. ;)

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  • DoFoT9
    Feb 28, 09:52 PM

    oh ok, because pretty much every feature in Lion (that you have outlined) is also in Snow Leopard.


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  • CTYankee
    Aug 19, 10:51 AM
    oh, great. Just the thing aliens will use to find out where I am and abduct me again. Yeah, sure I had to opt in, but do you know how hard it is to say no to location features?! I mean seriously, don't they realize all the bad ways people, er 'others', can use technology like this.

    If they get me again I'm

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  • Mattsasa
    Apr 5, 11:23 AM
    So Counsumerreports publishes that they can't recommend the iPhone 4 due to antenna. Then they later realized that they were dumb asses and the iPhone antenna issue is a non-issue. Now they can't just change their mind, that would make them look like an idiot, so they stayed stubborn saying the iPhone 4 had an antenna issue, because they were too stubborn to admit they were wrong.

    Now the iPad is out they are trying to prove to the media that they are not being biased against apple.

    However, the iPad 2 is the best tablet. That is just a no-brained


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  • topperdog
    Mar 24, 11:23 AM
    Airtunes has been awful since all the latest updates Apple has made. Fix the issues Apple created before adding more to the mix. Dropouts are Airtunes only quality now. Good idea, but it doesn't work very well at all.

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  • dukebound85
    May 5, 11:27 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2 like Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C134 Safari/6533.18.5)

    MS just doesn't get it. No OS X, no sale. Whenever MS tries anti-Apple marketing, they lose. They're completely out of touch, deer in the headlights style, in this new market situation. It's now becoming comical.

    They tried this garbage with their Laptop Hunters campaign a couple of years ago, where they showcased some yokels walking into a big box store and passing over Macs due to price.

    Apple went on to sell more Macs than ever before.

    Desperation breeds a lot of baloney. The PC and netbook market are contracting at an alarming rate, thanks to the effects of the post-PC era, where MS barely has any presence.

    Keep milking that Windows licensing cash cow, MS. Google and Apple have you right where they want you.

    May Steve Ballmer continue to drive MS into the ground. It's fun to watch.

    Ahh, another pro apple, anti ms post from LTD lol

    No they get it perfectly well. They know Apple has a premium charge compared to other manufacturers so why not try and exploit it:rolleyes:

    The microsoft usability tax costs even more, in wasted time and low productivity.
    I think it really depends on what your needs are. You have been around here long enough to realize that...

    Or perhaps you would be willing to show how I can be more productive on my mac when it comes to using industry standard CAD software like ProE? or Solidworks?
    Pretty please?? lol


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  • josephebacon
    Apr 3, 11:03 AM
    But it doesn't. :mad:

    I've repeatedly tried to log in to use it and the Time Warner application tells me my password is invalid. Several contacts with customer service failed to resolve the password problem. :mad:

    So i deleted it and I'll just keep using Netflix which DOES work :D

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  • iBlue
    Dec 23, 07:47 AM
    Again I find myself repeating what I've said already, but that's no more time than you and your man have arguing your point.

    I think you should review the thread because I'm pretty sure you've been a lot more verbose about it than e and I combined.

    Have a nice day! :)


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  • Dreadnought
    May 30, 03:33 PM
    Redeye, I don't know what happend, but I have a missing picture in the folding widget. I did drop a place this week.

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  • PlaceofDis
    Apr 2, 07:22 PM
    for any complex formatting Word is definitly the way to sad to say, its not that bad of an app, although it is filled with bloat....

    Pages is stong because of its templates, but its not good for making documents from scratch, if it improved in this area i would stick to it, but the UI definitly needs some work, toolbars and palettes need to be used more effectively and perhaps a bit more customization of the two would help a bit

    for now i guess ill be typing up my poetry in Word

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  • Prom1
    Mar 26, 04:19 PM
    From memory Snow Leopard Samba runs a modified version of 3.0 Samba, however versions 3.3 and 3.4 of Samba Windows 7 *can* authenticate against(+). If the version of Samba in Lion is 3.3 or higher then it might be possible to get Windows 7 computers to authenticate against OSX Lion server...

    (+) Although a registry patch is required on the Win7 machines to enable certain legacy support.

    I beleive the command is "smbd -V" in terminal on the server if someone feels like trying it...

    I was under the impression that an Open Directory domain can host both OSX, Windows XP/Vista/7, and Linux boxes if enabled.

    Sep 15, 07:30 PM
    Originally posted by MacManiac1224
    Can the G4 beat the Pentium 5? You are probably scratching your heads on this one. Yep, the Pentium 5 is very real, and it is coming soon. 2nd quarter of the Pentium 5 debuting at 3.2GHZ is going to come out. It will have 100 million transistors on it and it will be manufactured at .09 microns. Also, here is the doozy, it will have 1 mb of L2 on die cache, and it will support 333mhz bus speeds, with the addition of DDR, that is a possible 667mhz bus speeds. By the way, if you were wondering, the Pentium 4 has 42 million transistors.

    Now, for the G4: I am not sure how many transistors the G4 has, but I imagine it is way less then 100 million, or even 42 million, considering the P4 came out after the G4. Anyway, the cache on the G4 is higher on the high-end, 2mb of cache. But: the speed: 1.25Ghz? Can that really stand up to a P5 with 333mhz bus, and 3.2Ghz clock speeds? My opinion: most likely not.

    Let's be honest, the P4 basically can beat the G4 in most tasks today, so a new faster version of the P4, the P5 can easily beat the G4, most likely in 95-99% of all tasks.

    Ok, we have established that the G4 is, well, to slow against the P5, even though we don't know about it yet, I imagine it will be. Well, Apple just pulled the plug on OS 9 for January, what could this mean? I am not sure, only Steve knows. But Apple better come out with something that can at least compete with the Pentium 5, and it better come soon. I would not be surprised if Apple comes out with the G5 in January, just to say they were the first to have a generation 5 possessor, but I could be wrong.

    Ok, I made my case, now, what do you guys think? By the way: I got this information about the Pentium 5 from eWeek, so it is reputable.

    dumb ass, no theres no P5, P5 wont come out for a LOOOONG Time, PIV is expected to Scale up to 10ghz, this is just an upgraded PIV f00

    Mar 10, 09:44 AM
    Jones Peak, Nathrop, Colorado
    1/500s, f/8, 238mm, ISO 100
    Canon Rebel T2i + EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM + EF 2x Extender II

    Apr 5, 10:00 AM
    Here's the gist of the problem: too generous state worker union pensions.

    Pretty sweeping statement without a source.

    You'll have to do a little better than that. :rolleyes:

    Mar 18, 05:23 AM
    Where did you find it at �1.30? I paid �1.39/l diesel yesterday in Stourbridge ($8.45 US gallon)

    Morrisons in Kingswinford. It was �1.299 per Litre for unleaded on Monday. :)

    Mar 14, 09:52 AM
    any report of a place that has them in stock?

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