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  • mauka
    Mar 24, 07:15 PM
    This is a real surprising trend for Apple products, I cannot recall such deep discounts on the "old" model of anything in the past. I have an iPad1 and was planning to sell it and get an iPad2. But the "value" of both just when south by 40% to 50%.

    What I mean is - I can't be the only one thinking if I wait until the iPad3 comes along I'll be able to grab an iPad2 for 40% off.

    I have to wonder what Apple is planning to prevent this from happening next year?

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  • liavman
    Mar 24, 03:51 PM
    I am going out there now to get one.

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  • (3 NC-17 and 22 unrated movies

  • Cabbit
    Apr 5, 06:03 PM
    Yep, it's those pesky 25MB images and 1080P video that keep me at my desk with my iMac. I would love to be able to touch up my full-sized images on the iPad. Give it 5 years.

    I don't think it needs 5 years, the hardware is already powerful enough to handle image editing and sorting it just needs a well designed app and someway of assessing wireless storage.

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  • nw_mike
    Sep 27, 09:26 AM
    Apple has periods in which they allow people to apply for AppleSeed accounts. The purpose is to help them test their OS updates and releases in environments they are not able to replicate themselves. To this end I am not sure how your friend can 'get' you a seed account, legitimately. if you go the AppleSeed page you are generally greeted with the message

    "We are not seeking new participants. You must have an invitation in order to log in."

    That being said, anything relating to the seeds you would download are covered by NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and are legally binding. So your answer would be you cannot, legally, talk about those issues in any other forum then the one they provide.


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  • kiljoy616
    Apr 14, 08:49 PM
    Blasphemy! Could not help it. :-)

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  • sebastianlewis
    Jun 1, 05:29 AM
    How does what I said mean we should merge articles whenever possible? :confused:

    I don't think MediaWiki supports using categories as filters.

    If there's a "Terminal Commands" subcategory of a "Software" category, the CLI applications are still classed as software. By putting them in a subcategory, we are not hiding them, shunning them or separating them by "walls of steel". We are merely putting articles in logical groupings to make them easier to find. They are not split off because they're not "Mac-like".

    A simpler category structure does not necessarily make the guides any simpler to use.

    Sorry, I wasn't trying to change what you said or anything, I was just using what you said (that the list in the category would become quite long) as a reason for why we should reduce the total amount of articles by merging articles wherever possible.

    And no it doesn't support filters, but we can certainly fake it.

    They're split off from the main software category because of the perception that a lot of users may not want to look at the Terminal... it does reduce the amount of articles in the main software category.

    Good point on the category structure not necessarily making it easier to use... errr... I'll get back to you on this, it looks like I'm going to be up quite a bit longer than I'd like anyway, I'm having MacPorts update some of my outdated packages and gcc42 has been building for the past 3 hours.


    Edit: Also I'm not entirely against a Beta, but it has to be small scale so we have far less editing to do, not an entire category, but maybe a small subset of the articles in that category in a test category.


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  • Willis
    Oct 26, 02:19 PM
    No PPC version... man, thats going to hurt sales somewhat. Adobe should remember the mass of Apples customers are PPC users, and most people still have machines around 5-6yrs old. Cutting them out the loop is harsh, not to mention those who own newish G5's.

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  • lhshockey24
    Mar 4, 08:16 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_6 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8E200 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I'm assuming lines won't be as crazy as iPhone lines an I also don't see shortages either...


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  • alent1234
    Mar 25, 09:16 AM
    a lot of it is luck. only reason apple is big is because the former palm CEO found a tiny hard drive and used it to build the ipod. apple got lucky with the smart electronics revolution and rode it. we still have a few years left in this cycle and i don't know what's going to come next.

    everyone experimented with limited devices going back to the 1980's but it took other tech like flash memory and wifi to make them a reality. i played with Palm and PocketPC 10 years ago and while they were cool most tasks were useless because you spent as much time putting in data as the time saved. it wasn't until iOS and the apps store where you could do things like select a few recipes and make a shopping list did a PDA become useful

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  • Lacero
    Apr 2, 08:21 PM
    I used it for 20 minutes and gave up on the program. I won't revisit the program until version 3. That's how bad I think it is.


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  • netdog
    Oct 26, 09:28 AM
    Addict, what time does the store close?

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  • 4JNA
    Apr 17, 11:58 PM
    Ultimately where does all this research go? Who is benefitting from it all? I can't help but think that all this research will just enable some multi-billion dollar drug company to come up with some pill that they can patent and make billions of more dollars. I tried reading the faqs of Folding@home, but it does not really say where all this research is going. I am sure the scientists mean well with their research, but ultimately they will not be the ones creating the drugs to cure these diseases. Drug companies will be doing that, and they are strictly profit oriented.

    per the FAQ on the F@H page...

    Who "owns" the results? What will happen to them?

    "Unlike other distributed computing projects, Folding@home is run by an academic institution (specifically the Pande Group, at Stanford University's - Chemistry Department), which is a nonprofit institution dedicated to science research and education. We will not sell the data or make any money off of it.

    Moreover, we will make the data available for others to use. In particular, the results from Folding@home will be made available on several levels. Most importantly, analysis of the simulations will be submitted to scientific journals for publication, and these journal articles will be posted on the web page after publication. Next, after publication of these scientific articles that analyze the data, the raw data of the folding runs will be available for everyone, including other researchers, here on this web site."

    it's open source science. everyone participates, everyone wins.

    2) My electricity prices are going up by about 10% so I really don't like the idea of my iMac running 24-7 eating up electricity, and adding to the wear and tear of my system. I'm not sure what the monthly cost would be running Folding@home, but I'm sure it adds up.

    the cost of gasoline is up also, but i still drive my paper/plastic/glass to the city recycle point to keep it out of a landfill. i guess i don't get the point of the question. if you can afford the small increase in cost due to additional electrical usage, then fold. if not, don't.

    no idea which system you have, but a quick guesstimate of a current imac running folding with the screen set to turn off when not being used would be around 100-120w, so like leaving a light bulb on. well, an old school incandescent bulb... you do have all LED and CFLs since you worry about electric rates, right?

    if i had only an imac and a desire to fold, i'd leave the imac alone and build a cheap pc system to fold with. no wear and tear, better results, lower cost. just my 2 cents.


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  • tickmo
    Sep 1, 10:14 AM
    I hope the super secret features aren't already in the preview (or at least disabled). If they were active, I'm sure people would be saying "wow that's a cool new feature!" Since I haven't heard any of that, and the secret stuff is active, then I guess Apple's making a mountain out of a molehill.

    I think there are some clues in the Dev build that point the way to the kind of 'cool' you allude to. While the face of the OS is the same for now, Apple has put the parts in place to either A) pop a new level of GUI goodness into 10.5 or B) allow developers to do it themselves.
    The key to all this is Core Animation, which may end up being the biggest announcement at WWDC this year. Core Animation enhancements to the application Help menu, for example, indicate a totally new GUI direction. Floating 3D arrows point out features as you browse them with your mouse. The Time Machine interface similarly shows there are a lot of new and interesting GUI possibilities thanks to Core Animation.

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  • alent1234
    Mar 25, 08:38 AM
    the patent was granted in 1997 and basically covers previewing the picture on the little LCD screen.

    i remember around that time i saw some professional photographers with $10,000 kodak digital cameras that had that feature. very cool for that time when digital cameras were still new


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  • gloryunited
    Apr 28, 11:26 AM
    I am very happy with my 13.3" MBA with 2 USB ports. But I have to admit, I am envious of the potential experience with the lightning fast Thunderbolt I/O in the latest MBP.

    I started without Backlit Keyboard, and I am cool with that (although not as much elegant-looking, it saves unnecessary battery power).

    And yes, I'd like to see a microfibre cloth included in the box! It's just too cheap yet important for any MBA users!

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  • garybUK
    Mar 21, 09:45 AM
    Not a plug... but.... tells me what the prices are around my post code.

    Friday's were: 128.9p for 95RON Unleaded and 131.9p for 98/99RON (Which I use).


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  • alex1978
    Feb 26, 10:05 PM
    you are so right

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  • Blues003
    Apr 25, 06:10 AM
    My uses would be mainly Web Browsing, Video Watching, Chatting, some gaming (mainly DS and PS2 emulation), Garage Band and Photoshop.

    As such, and considering the 9400 GPU already runs PS2 without problem, I'd say my priorities would be:

    a) More RAM
    b) Better CPU
    c) Better Battery Life
    d) Backlit Keyboard
    e) Better GPU

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  • Slix
    Apr 19, 03:37 PM
    I wish Expos� would have been in iOS 4. I really don't like the current multitasking option.

    Nov 8, 05:13 PM
    imagine being able to walk around a store and scan items with your iphone for the company's information about the product. That's the kind of stuff we're gonna see in the not-so-distant future imo.

    Ummm. What about just snapping the barcode or data-matrix stamp on the product and looking it up, like you can already do?

    Seems like a lot of un-necessary fuss.

    Apr 19, 03:37 PM
    dude those vietkong mf's a'ways seem to cop the exclusive apple s.hit

    Oct 26, 07:59 PM
    - doesn't work on firefox (1.5) under WinXP
    Try upgrading to 2.0. I just tested on Firefox 2.0 on OS X and it worked fine.

    Sep 20, 12:48 AM
    Those with RAID 0 arrays, how are you finally getting the update to install? Do you have to remove your RAID and install from a "spare" OS X single drive that you just happen to have lying around? :confused:

    I installed a small OS X on my Data drive and used this installation to process the updates.

    Apr 8, 07:17 PM
    Yes. And ...?

    Originally Posted by Xeperu View Post
    "Humans should have the full right to decide over their own bodies, that includes planned parenthood and abortions."

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