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world map of world war 1

    world map of world war 1. World War I Begins
  • World War I Begins

  • sarge
    Mar 25, 10:45 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    It isn't that they miscalculated the rise of digital, as miscalculations happen in business, it is the silly decision they made that resulted in the company divesting itself of businesses that had a future. The point is you can miscalculate a bit when it comes to how rapid you core tech will become useless but your planning should recognize that is going to happen and that you need to grow in a different direction. Instead Kodak shrunk itself down around a dying business.

    Exactly, for those folks who think Kodak was just a film company you're totally off base. They had the diversity but not the vision to adjust to the transition and ended up wholesale auctioning their future. Kinda what we're doing as a country right now.

    world map of world war 1. World War I 1914-1918 map:
  • World War I 1914-1918 map:

  • MovieCutter
    Oct 16, 05:01 PM
    Give me a break.

    More like give me a ******* break

    waiting for the G5 powerbook tuesday comment in,





    I never get to say that, and that is the last time you'll ever hear it from me...:D

    world map of world war 1. world map of world war 1.
  • world map of world war 1.

  • zim
    Oct 26, 11:05 PM
    That's basically it. You pay the $100 because you don't want to read, learn and figure stuff out. Every Mac sold comes with enough software that you could set up your own services using your DSL or Cable Internet connection. Macs have web severs, FTP servers, email and "all the UNIX Stuff" You already have an iDisk right there on your desk that could be accessed from any computer that has a browser but it's easier for most people to pay $100 than to figure out how to make it work.

    Although there is truth to what you are saying, broadband providers such as comcast do not allow for use of server activity on their networks from home computers. There is also the issue that some of us, such as myself, whom know how to do all that you explained simply just like to take a break form everything and keep it simple. Also, I have multiple computers and will gladly pay the annual fee for syncing.. 4 computers, desktop, office, laptop and wife's office computer all synced. .mac is more then web services.

    As for the .mac mail, very happy with it, happy to see the old interface gone.. also love the new address book wish the bookmarks page design would have been updated too (although I only use this when traveling and it works so why fix it?).

    world map of world war 1. MAP World War 1 Belgium
  • MAP World War 1 Belgium

  • Dooger
    Mar 20, 07:30 AM
    Everyone seems so shocked by the minor discount they don't stop to think a little broader...

    ....this probably means Apple is already pricing these exceptionally low and can't discount them any more than that.

    Further I seem to recall the iPhone and iTouch weren't available for volume or educational purchasing for quite some time... I know they weren't available through bussiness accounts for a quite some time.

    The other thing this suggests is that there won't be a $100 price drop in 3-6 months like there was on the iPhone... if they were to be able to drop the pricing that much in the near future they'd offer education a bigger discount now.

    Finally for those that don't see why these would be a boon for universities... most students going into university already have laptop, they don't really want to buy new laptops through their university. Requiring all incoming students but a $500 iPad is a lot more palatable than requiring they all by $2000 laptops. Having the entire student body standardized on one platform is huge for teachers and authors.

    What drugs are you taking? Have you been to university? How is a student supposed to do a dissertation on a glorified iPhone? I'm doing an MSc and I need stats software, a pdf viewer and word running concurrently. As for the $2k laptop? Try $999 for a MB (less with a student discount)

    I don't have a huge problem with apple offering these to schools but the price is far too steep. If they do somehow manage to crowbar their iPads into schools they'll be indoctrinating the younger generation into apple computing whilst still shifting units for a hefty mark-up. Good work apple, but you should twist the knife a little more and make the schools pay for the shipping.


    world map of world war 1. world map of world war 1.
  • world map of world war 1.

  • Micjose
    Apr 5, 04:46 PM
    128GB FINALLY!! I'll buy one asap if its true...

    world map of world war 1. Map Of World War 1. blank map
  • Map Of World War 1. blank map

  • Raid
    May 4, 09:27 AM
    A Liberal still won in my old riding (Toronto Centre)
    See what happens when I leave? The whole country went cookoo. You mean my riding right? :p We did go kind of cuckoo after you left, but the shrine they placed in you old building is really quite a touching tribute to your legacy, though they need to tidy up more when the goat sacrifices are made. :)

    If they liberals had been in power the deficit would have been even larger. Conjecture at best, I'm not saying it would be smaller, I'm not saying it would be larger... but your bias is showing.

    Flaunts the law? What are you talking about? I believe he could be referring to the last Harper government being found in contempt of parliament when one of it's members lied to her peers and the Canadian people. ... just as one example...

    Is your memory short? Did you forget the sponsorship scandal in Quebec? Did you forget about Paul Martin passing laws that were beneficial to his shipping company? Did you forget that Paul Martin re-registered his ships on some island nation so that he did not have to hire Canadians? I haven't forgotten about those either, the sponsorship scandal was bad for the liberals, just as the Mulroney kick-backs were bad for the conservatives ... we could go on like this to confederation if you want. :rolleyes: Oh and the whole Paul Martin re-registering his ships wasn't to avoid employing Canadians, it was to avoid taxes. It was a bad political move, but no more or less than what other companies do to pass through the tax loopholes that both parties have either created or do nothing about.

    Some of us have to actually "work" for a living and pay high taxes already. You seem to imply that you feel others (maybe the posters here) don't "work" for a living and don't pay taxes based on the same rules. What are you really trying to say? Are you upset and think you pay too much? I'll tell you there isn't a single person who would refuse more money in their pocket, but some might if they knew it meant getting less services and protection from our government.

    In a real democracy, there are no winners. Debate results in compromise. Compromise leaves everyone disappointed but (usually) sanguine, because those other guys are also comparably disappointed. This is why a minority government is actually more like democracy in action than in other times, yet we seem to be run either by children who must have their way, or those that seemingly crave power to satisfy their own selves first.

    Our first-past-the post system has flaws for sure, but I think one reason why we really haven't had much of a debate on the issue here is two-fold. First, there's no magic answer to distribute house of commons seats based on the country's percentage of vote; second and most prevalent to the politicians is that a majority government would become even more of a rarity.


    world map of world war 1. world map of world war 1.
  • world map of world war 1.

  • dmelgar
    Oct 9, 04:20 PM
    And I thought that Target was better than Walmart. That's a sign that these companies have too much power. They want to protect their monopolistic power over DVD sales. Its ludicrous that Target and Walmart should be able to coerce the movie studios and Apple in such a way.

    world map of world war 1. blank map of world war 1.
  • blank map of world war 1.

  • Origin
    Sep 19, 05:40 PM
    I hoped that this update should have throw away the X1900 XT Bug with my 23" ACD while booting XP ... but no, still here ... grrr :/


    world map of world war 1. world map of world war 1.
  • world map of world war 1.

  • c2edgerton
    Oct 9, 04:04 PM
    Maybe it's just me, (and maybe this has been said before) but when I first got my "video capable" iPod, I was downloading music videos left and right. Then as soon as TV shows became available I got hooked on "Lost", "Battlestar Galactica" and more...but I quickly found out that the quality was not that great...

    I still ended up buying the DVD's of the shows that I really liked, and for those movies that I want on my iPod (for travel purposes) I simply convert them to iPod format, the quality is far better than anything you can download.

    Downloading may be convenient, but I will still run to the store for a hardcopy.

    And I agree with some earlier comments, once the HD/Blu-Ray war is over and the dust settles, I will begin rebuilding my video library with the winning format, because I can't imagine (yet) trying to download those files.

    world map of world war 1. Universal Map - 30440 - World
  • Universal Map - 30440 - World

  • babyj
    Oct 9, 06:49 PM
    Target, Wal Mart and everyone else will continue to sell dvds and cds as long as they are making money from them. When they don't make any money from them they'll stop selling them and not before.

    At the moment they are moaning about online distribution to get better prices from their suppliers, so they can lower their prices and / or make more profit from them. They'll also have their own download services as well when and where they can, provided they make money from them as well.

    I can't believe either of them have or would threaten movie companies, especially as it won't get them anywhere - there is no way a movie company would say no to online distribution just because they told them to.

    The cd / dvd market is no different to anything else that Target and Wal Mart sell, they will be using similar arguments with all of their suppliers all of the time. The only difference is that it ain't a story when its about vacuum cleaners, dairy products or kitchen cleaning products.


    world map of world war 1. World War One Trenches Map.
  • World War One Trenches Map.

  • fulldecent
    Mar 24, 09:54 AM
    Are you people seriously applauding this? What a waste of our tax dollars!! I do contracts with the Navy every single day and I know that the technology that they have will not be benefited by the use of iPad/iPod/iPhone. The military does not offer wi-fi to their staff on base. Everything is hard wired and the conduit is sealed with a tamper proof silicon. The Government is very very particular about their SIPRnet (as they call it). Without wi-fi, what use is the iPad for the military other than to give them a little treat and waste our tax dollars? They already have mobile equipment in the vehicles that is far superior to Apple's products.

    Because COTS products are always cheaper than contracts.

    world map of world war 1. MAP OF EUROPE AFTER WORLD WAR

  • b0blndsy
    Mar 9, 03:51 AM
    Flickr is the best for pics hosting


    world map of world war 1. world map of world war 1.
  • world map of world war 1.

  • BigDukeSix
    Mar 24, 07:27 PM
    I am impressed and surprised that Apple has discounted the IPad so much. Not their normal mode of operation for discontinued products.

    world map of world war 1. world war 1 trenches map,
  • world war 1 trenches map,

  • 0815
    Apr 26, 07:11 AM
    hes obvs talking about non physical distribution (hint: broadband). using a usb stick is just as "dumb" as using a disc, its still physical media, whats the difference if u plug in a usb stick or use a disc which is cheaper to produce ...

    The difference is that the DVD drive is a relict from the last century. No need to put this big mechanical noisy space wasting thing in any new machine. The USB stick is for those who can't download for whatever reason. I have not used the DVD drive in years - still all my machines have this thing in it. I dare to say that the majority of users don't need a DVD drive - and for those that need one, they should have the option to get an optional one on new machines, but no need to have it by default in every new machine.


    world map of world war 1. of World+war+1+map+europe
  • of World+war+1+map+europe

  • scu
    Nov 14, 01:45 PM
    Here is my take. Anyone who owns a video iPod mostly like would own a laptop. If they take the video iPod on a trip they are also more likely to take their laptop. I would prefer to watch a video on my laptop instead of the little screen on the airplane. But then of course battery life is an issue as well.

    world map of world war 1. world map of world war 1.
  • world map of world war 1.

  • Rodimus Prime
    May 5, 07:55 PM
    The iMac 27" is my favorite.. none of the all-in-ones it's compared to are even the same size on that chart. Even if you build a computer with the same equipment it's more:
    $1100+ for the 27" IPS monitor from Dell (
    $150-250 for the processor (i5 2390(I think)) according to Intel (
    $120+ for the graphics card (desktop version, not sure about the mobile) according to Newegg (
    Anywhere from $100 to $500+ for the tower and necessary equipment ( just depends on what tower, cooling etc. you purchase)
    $180 for the Windows license :P according to Newegg Newegg (
    $1550 at the minimum if you do it yourself, probably more if you buy it from a manufacturer. Slightly more expensive than the $1500 iMac, and not everything comes in a nice looking package. Plus the hours you get to spend putting it together.

    I did the math for at least that one Microsoft, stick to making Windows 8 as awesome as Windows 7 instead of making terrible ads like this.

    Umm do not use retail cost of the OS. You need to use the OEM cost. That is 100 bucks.


    world map of world war 1. degree Map+of+world+war+1+
  • degree Map+of+world+war+1+

  • Sminman86
    Apr 5, 09:52 AM
    "Wipe yourself off, your bleeding."

    Screen bleeds on the bottom left hand corner. My only gripe.

    This device is amazing.

    world map of world war 1. map of world war 1 battles.
  • map of world war 1 battles.

  • MikeTheC
    Nov 14, 12:51 PM

    How about this (sung to the tune of "Oh Christmas Tree"):

    Oh, Macintosh, oh Macintosh!
    Think differently, forever!
    Oh, Macintosh, oh Macintosh!
    Don't stop being so clever!

    With great designs, and OS X,
    I'll sing your praises over again...


    This is cool! I like it! At least someone around here understands how to be polite and "in the spirit" of the holidays, etc.

    Oh, and to the folks here who want to throw stones at what I said...

    The "Hate America" crowd never fails to amaze me. And I'm not saying that only people who are foreigners are America-haters. We've got a lot of that hate crowd here as both natural and naturalized citizens. Please don't preach to me about the ills of slavery or of religious/social intolerance. I'm quite capable of understanding and recognizing them for what they have been, and what they are.

    By the same token, let's not forget that we who are here now, and even those who's ancestry can be traced back to before the revolution, ultimately are not indigenous, ancestrally, to this continent. The hatred and evils you so desperately want to ascribe to America were brought, lock stock and barrel, from Europe. Let's also not forget the role which African tribal leaders played in selling their own people into bondage and slavery. There is a saying: it takes two to tango.

    What's funny is how hypocritical and disingenuous some of you folks are. I point out how I don't celebrate certain holidays but respect the holidays because I respect those who celebrate them, and Justin Long's Mac character points out what ills his platform doesn't suffer, and you call us arrogant and hateful people. We're telling the truth (and a rather positive one at that) and all you can do is respond to us with disrespect and vituperative hatred! You accuse us of being intolerant, and yet you practice the very same intolerance you accuse us of!

    What's next, you're going to label us all as baby killers, murderers and rapists?

    I work in a culturally and theologically diverse workplace, yet you won't see even so much as one second of me trying to push my views (religious or otherwise) on other people, but somehow since I'm a Christian (actually, I'm a Missouri-Synod Lutheran protestant) I'm a scourge upon humanity. Talk about intolerance.

    world map of world war 1. Map-of-europe-after-world-war
  • Map-of-europe-after-world-war

  • smugDrew
    Apr 20, 06:13 PM
    As soon as Sandybridge based MBA's arrive, I'm buying.

    Don't want an outdated C2D and Nv's video chipset, I've seen the HD3000 in action and it's very good. Does everything I want and much more.

    Oct 26, 09:45 PM
    Very, very slick. Only problem is that I can't seem to figure out how to flag something as junk, or modify the buttons/icons at the top to flag/junk, ec messages. Any pointers?

    Oct 24, 01:12 PM
    Sorry to raise a small but wavering flag here but...

    Where the hell are the upgraded MacBooks??!!! :mad:

    I apologise if there is a particular thread dealing with this, please let me know and I'll go there. But to the matter in hand - could someone shed abit of light for me as to what's happened? It seems I'm the only one who feels gutted about the MacBooks being left with NOTHING being done to them.

    Please help... I am in need of it lol

    Jan 6, 08:26 AM
    Nice...a new day is dawning for Apple...hopefully. :)

    Sep 25, 10:51 AM
    this is the sorryiest bit of non-news ive seen in a while.

    Jun 10, 06:23 PM
    it is strange that they added a fourth band (VIII - 900 frequency) which is for more of europe, asia and also vodaNZ but doesn't open up anything in the US... even stranger is that i was just in NZ and my 3G[S] (which doesn't support VIII / 900 apparently) was on the vodaNZ 3G network the whole time. anyone with knowledge of this whole UMTS / HSDPA band and frequency thing, please tell me how this worked then?

    I guess Apple added the 3G in 900Mhz to support the 3G networks in Europe. 3G in Europe has been historically in the 2100Mhz band, but that band has poor propagation (poor in building reception) so since a few years there has been some refarming going on of regular GSM bands at 900Mhz to 3G in euroland. Most 3G phones these days in Europe are 900/2100 3G so I'm assuming Apple just wanted to be competitive in Europe in terms of reception.

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